We are happy to announce that Michael Nee, MFT has been selected as the Winner for 2022 Best of Venice Awards in the category of Counselor.

Michael Nee is a “Hall of Fame” winner based on the two years in a row “win”.


STRESS + GUILT Stress is at an all-time high, so take the proper time to mitigate its effects.  This can feel as troublesome (who has the time?) as they are necessary (make time for good self-care!).  Without slowing down to take the time for good self-care, how can a person take

Sex, love and COVID-19: Sex expert’s tips on staying close

Sex, love and COVID-19: Sex expert's tips on staying close When speaking with clients during this pandemic, and when consulting with colleagues about what they are hearing from their clients, the well-established best practices for satisfying relationships remain intact.  In basic terms, these are the ways we remain connected, flexible, playful,

TeleHealth:  Telephone & Virtual Sessions During Coronavirus Pandemic

TeleHealth:  Telephone & Virtual Sessions During Coronavirus Pandemic   None of us know what our society’s new normal might be post-pandemic.  Previous posts on this site highlight the myriad of anxieties and emotions experienced when constantly reminded about safety protocols while “sheltering in place.”  Risks are at the forefront of our

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