We are happy to announce that Michael Nee, MFT has been selected as the Winner for 2022 Best of Venice Awards in the category of Counselor.

Michael Nee is a “Hall of Fame” winner based on the two years in a row “win”.


Making the decision to seek therapy can be difficult and finding the right therapist with whom you can truly form a therapeutic alliance may take additional time.

As research indicates that the most important factor in psychotherapy may be the alliance between client and therapist, it makes sense that any individual or couple or family – whether heterosexual, LGBTQ+, married / unmarried – would reflect heavily on this aspect of their search.

While some seek a coach and others an analyst, the goals are basically the same: resolve issues, improve your life, become the best version of yourself, live your best life – without the need for the coach or analyst. Initial consultations are about providing a uniquely safe, private space for clients to share thoughts, feelings, questions and concerns, open to the process of change that takes place through therapy.

Professionals from the arts (actors, writers, musicians), entertainment (directors, executives, producers), real estate (agents, developers), academic (educators, researchers, students), medical (doctors, nurses, clinicians), technology (start-ups, FB, SC, google) sectors, as well as entrepreneurs of all types – their loved ones, spouses, significant others, family members, friends – are just some examples of the people worked with since prior to 2010.

If you have questions while researching therapists, contact Michael at any time.