Happy New Year!  Or, “Happy Birthday, Calendar!”

Because the practice becomes so busy that regular blog posts are impossible, I wanted to begin 2020 with an article reflective of this new beginning.  The calendar begins a new year, a birthday of sorts, and with this festive energy in mind, taking a casual approach to put thoughts to digital text.

Happy New Year!  Or, “Happy Birthday, Calendar!”Whether you make resolutions or not, most of us seem to have goals for the year ahead by which to establish benchmarks of achievement and improvements.  For some, the return to the gym or a new athletic routine is a key focus.  Others want to figure out a better work/life balance in order to spend more quality time with family and friends. Still, others hope to getaway to a new part of the world or simply ‘unplug’ more often.  Whatever your goals, therapy, coaching, counseling or specialized professionals may make you work smarter not harder, even saving you money in the short to longer-term.

As a therapist in private practice, my goals for 2020 are to continue solid support of clients’ personal and professional goals, maintaining current memberships with colleagues, as I focus on improving my business acumen (the ‘behind the scenes’ streamlining of accounting practices let alone the ‘wrap-around’ messages and services for a thriving practice).  I am excited for continuing education units this first quarter, just as I am excited for the mid-year conferences that energize my thinking on a myriad of topics on behalf of patients.  To stay balanced, the gym is combined with bike rides along the ocean to keep me in shape; with dietary improvements a key concern (despite pizza my favorite food group).

Whatever your personal and/or professional goals, my best wishes to you and yours in 2020 and beyond!  More about DSM diagnostics in the months ahead, as well as topics impacting individuals, couples, and families this election year.

Best wishes,