How to Cope with 6 Common Pandemic Changes

The world has experienced such drastic and sudden changes in the past few months. You’re likely feeling the effects of those changes and experiencing some changes in your own life as well. While change can sometimes be exciting, it can be jarring when it’s unexpected or even unwelcome. Being able to process those feelings of shock and disappointment can be crucial to keeping yourself afloat in an ever-changing world. If you are trying to work your way through some common pandemic changes, these coping tips can help.

Buying a Home

Even with the economic impacts of COVID-19, people are still buying homes. With in-person showings still off the table in many states, you may need to rely on tools such as virtual tours, video-chat open houses, and 3D walkthroughs. Some states may be allowing traditional showings in the coming months, but you will want to take some extra precautions to keep things safe. Buying a home now can be a smart move since mortgage interest rates are at record lows.

Working from Home

Even though some retailers and shops are slowly opening, most offices are still closed. This means that quite a few people will continue working from home in the coming weeks or even months. While working from home may seem relaxing, it can take some planning to stay productive. If you’re currently working from your couch or kitchen table and struggling to stay focused, know that setting up a small home office is a simple way to boost your productivity.

Financial Stresses 

Even as many businesses are allowed to reopen, a record number of Americans are still seeking support from unemployment. While those unemployment payments, as well as recent stimulus payments, can provide some help, you may still find yourself struggling to make ends meet. You should know that there are additional financial resources that you can access to help keep yourself afloat. You can also access mental health resources if the stress is overwhelming.

DIY Haircuts and Color

Changing your hair may not seem like a major transition, but it can certainly feel like one. Research has found that external changes can be a way of expressing internal emotions during a major life transition. This can help explain why so many people are craving a new hairstyle right now. With salons still closed or at reduced capacity, you may need to resort to a DIY cut or color. As long as you use a tutorial and keep things simple, you should be able to pull it off.

Victory Gardens

If you are anxious about COVID-19’s impact on the food supply chain, you may be thinking about planting a vegetable garden. This has been a common trend that started with people planting victory gardens during WWI and WWII. Following the right steps when you start your own garden can save you a lot of work and stress as you care for your crops. So, make sure your soil is full of nutrients and that your plants are getting the right amount of sun. You can also choose hardy vegetables that are easy to grow if this is your first time growing a garden.

Losing Social Connections

With lockdown restrictions loosening, you may be able to visit your favorite restaurants, but social gatherings may not be a good idea. So if you are looking to stay connected with your friends and family, video conferencing may be your safest bet. From virtual birthday parties to video conference cocktails, people have gotten pretty creative online. Of course, if you are trying to stay connected to a romantic partner, you may need to be more strategic. Keeping relationships healthy may require you to adapt your sex and communication practices.

Change can be sudden or planned, wanted or unwanted, and trivial or monumental. No matter what sort of changes you are experiencing due to COVID-19, having a few pointers and resources can help process them. If you are feeling especially anxious or depressed about those changes, you can also reach out for some added support. Whatever you’re feeling, remember that you’re not alone and you do have options.

Photo Credit: Rawpixel